VoIP Provider Criteria

When you’re shopping around for a VoIP provider for your business, you might not know all the qualities to look for. Here are the top three qualities that all the best VoIP service providers share.

1) Reliable Infrastructure

The absolute most important thing you need your VoIP provider to be is reliable. If they have testimonials on their website, read them and see what customers have to say. Get in touch with a representative and ask where the infrastructure (servers, etc.) are located. If it’s off-site at a third-party location, that means the VoIP provider can’t do anything if and when a server goes down. Look for a company that offers on-site servers and an infrastructure reliable enough to build your business on.

2) Amazing Support & Customer Service

If you needed to reach the phone company right now, how long do you think it would take you to get an actual human being on the line? When it comes to business VoIP providers, they should have someone available whenever you need help. The best VoIP service providers will have an account manager for you; a point-of-contact person who knows who you are and what your business does. That way, when you call with support questions, you don’t waste time while they look up your account and try to figure out exactly who you are. You give your customers personal service every day — why shouldn’t your VoIP provider?

3) Growth Flexibility

There are lots of business VoIP providers out there who can handle the current needs of your small business. But what about the future? Think about where you want your business to be in 5 or 10 years. Make sure the VoIP provider you’re looking at is capable of handling that much activity. Also, think about the future needs of your business. What about online fax? SIP trunking and call forwarding? An automated attendant to direct callers? There are many VoIP service providers out there who can do all that and more. When it comes to the key functions of your company, you need a provider who can do it all.

VoIP Provider Criteria