Nextiva’s Network

Every voip network experiences technical issues at some point. Nextiva outages are not a common occurrence. However, if Nextiva outages do occur our technical team is quick to get right on it and work the issues out to put Nextiva back online. Nextiva outages are avoided by using three different data centers located in or around Arizona. When Nextiva outages occur the company informs their customers of the problem, they react rather quickly, and they are diligent when working on the problems at hand. Time down means business lost for many companies because they rely heavily on their phone systems for their everyday business activities.

No one likes being interrupted while speaking on the phone with a friend, family member or a client. Business VoIP is known to have some outages and well as crashing from time to time. A VoIP works much like a web hosting website and they can encounter outages at some point. Nextiva outages are a very rare occurrence and Nextiva knows the importance of phone communication for their clients and their businesses. Nextiva outages are avoided or taken care of with their advanced data services and technology for the VoIP network.

Nextiva Company has all three data centers located close together for the convenience of having a backup if one of the other data centers should experience technical issues and shut down. Another reason for all Nextiva datacenters to be located in such close proximity is so the technical team will have shorter distance to travel to the problem area to work on resolving the issue at hand. Nextiva outages are very rare, almost as rare as the top social media websites experiencing outages.

The datacenter is the largest datacenter located in Arizona coming in at 315,000 square feet in size! You can think of it like you are looking at half of a football field filled with several computers. Nextiva has the top technology and equipment available. The Nextiva datacenters are centrally located for the convenience of tech support and the employees of Nextiva. Nextiva is monitored by the topnotch staff of professionals 24 hours a day all year around. Nextiva is a secure building that only authorized personal can enter. The Nextiva datacenter is designed optimal datacenter usage with raised floorings, network diversity, and monitoring.

Nextiva outages are rare because Nextiva owns their own datacenters and do not skimp on costs by outsourcing to other companies. Nextiva outages would be a common occurrence if (only if) Nextiva Company wanted to outsource to low quality and unreliable third parties to handle their network. By Nextiva handing any and all datacenters on their own network is what sets Nextiva apart from all of the rest of the VoIP companies. Nextiva runs their datacenters and manages the datacenter will Nextiva employees only! The network is run on the reliable Cisco 6500 Series routers. BGP to data is run for the clients of the Nextiva Company; only the best for Nextiva clients.

Nextiva outages that are not controlled by Nextiva are when your internet goes out. The internet going out or the electricity goes off is beyond the control of Nextiva and the tech support department. Remember to have a few backup lines or a cell phone if this should occur.
Nextiva is the best of the best!

Nextiva’s Network