Nextiva: Toll Free or Local Number

There are many reasons more small and medium sized businesses are turning to Nextiva to provide their business phone service. One of the more interesting advantages of their VoIP system is the use of toll free or local number for your business so you can get more calls and increase your overall customer base. A toll free or local number that your customers can call offers them a free way to contact you from anywhere in the world. This not only boosts your customer service, it can also attract new customers as they see that contacting you does not mean money out of their pocket if they are located outside your area code.

The Nextiva service of providing a toll free or local number your customers and clients can contact you with can be very helpful to both established businesses and companies that are just starting up. A toll free or local number that can be quickly accessed means your customers are not having to plod through phone numbers that can quickly run up their bill, but more importantly the Nextiva system allows for quick connections to build your customer service around. Now you will never miss a call again thanks to the toll free or local number service.

In essence, when a customer calls your toll free or local number they receive a greeting from your business which generally consists of the business name. This way, your customers and clients know instantly that they’ve called the right place. Next, you offer them choices as to which department they can contact by giving them specific, single digit numbers that are easy to remember such as “Press 1 for Sales” and “Press 2 for Customer Service”. Once the customer presses the button, the call it routed to the right place. If the customer is calling after hours, they can leave a message on your voice mail system and you can be alerted by text or email alerts that will direct you or your employee to return the call as soon as possible.

This system helps avoid one of the biggest problems with voice mail, which is when a call is missed and not returned for hours because the employee may be tied up with other issues that keep them from checking their voice mail. As hard as we try, all of us are human beings and sometimes calls can slip past us. Now with automatic text or email alerts, your employee will be reminded that a voice mail has been left and the call can be returned far more quickly.

The monthly rates for this Nextiva service will depend on the minute packages you choose to purchase. But for 100 minutes, the rate is only $8.95 per month which is very reasonable for small businesses that are just getting their start. Finding the right package for this toll free or local number service means not missing any more calls and providing better customer service for your clients.

Toll Free or Local Number