Nextiva Support

Tech companies usually have a bad reputation for having bad customer service that is often outsourced for cheap. All other companies’ make Nextiva’s tech support such a nice and welcome surprise. Nextiva’s tech support is some of the best in the businesses with its professional, knowledgeable, and friendly team of staff who genuinely feel like they love helping you fix your tech problems. They deliver a customer service experience that few Business VoIP companies, and tech companies, can.

One of the first things you notice when reaching Nextiva’s tech support is the person on the other line is in the United States of America. While most companies outsource their tech support to businesses in India and other nations in an effort to skimp on their profit margin, they do so by sacrificing quality along the way. Most people have the experience of calling a company’s tech support line and reaching someone in another country who speaks with a thick accent and had subpar customer service training. Nextiva’s entire staff support team is trained, educated, and located right in Arizona which means you will get a higher level of quality of customer service. This is especially important in tech support and helping someone solve problems that may need careful explanations to help solve. We thought this made a difference in the quality of support we received but other companies may be different.

Another thing we were extremely pleased about was the short time it took to reach someone. When companies look to trim their costs many of them choose to cut customer service and having a smaller tech support team in exchange for longer waiting times for the customers. With Nextiva, we were able to go from dialing the number to reaching a tech person in less than two minutes. There were no robots or endless automated machines we were forced to listen to. This really gave us a feel that Nextiva values customer service as a core component of their business as opposed to a secondary issue like many companies unfortunately do.

Nextiva’s tech support is also extremely professional in helping you fix any problems you may have and modify your account if needed. We were initially having issues accessing our voicemail system from a remote computer but after just a few minutes on the phone with the friendly tech support we were able to listen to our voicemails without a hitch. Tech support led us through the entire process so we know how to manually make any changes in the future ourselves. This is the difference between a tech support that is just there to make changes and one that is trained to assist the customer and familiarize them with the product.

We had a second issue with routing our phone number from our office to our cell phones during certain times of the day. We were frustrated but Nextiva’s online help guide made it quick and easy to modify the settings the right way. There was no complicated lingo or long directions, just the essentials of what we needed to do to fix the problem.

Overall, we are fortunate to say we did not need the tech support too much. Nextiva’s online portal made it pretty easy to make most of the changes we were looking to do and their FAQ section on their website was also well-written and easy to understand. However, for the problems we were having Nextiva was able to solve quite well and we were pleasantly surprised. If any more issues arise in the future we are confident Nextiva will help us every step of the way and keep us 100% satisfied with their service.

Nextiva Support