Nextiva Service Provider vs. RingCentral Service Provider

One of the bigger expenses for businesses both small and large is the phone bill. Despite the common use of emails, the phone is still the backbone of successful businesses today. One solution to overcoming phone charges is the introduction of VoIP or “Voice over Internet Provider”. Put simply, it is the use of the Internet to make phone calls, avoiding the charges from traditional phone companies. Business VoIP is rising quickly in popularity and there are several companies offering phone services at very cheap rates.

Two of the more popular business VoIP companies are Nextiva and RingCentral and while they offer similar services, there are a few differences that consumers will need to know about before choosing either one.
Nextiva is well known for having great technical support and being based in the United States as well as having the reputation of being one of the better business VoIP companies in the US by providing very clear communication as well as being extremely easy to use.

Offering two basic phone plans, known as “Connect” and “Nextiva Office”, both VoIP systems can be upgraded depending on the number of calls you make and receive, for example, if your current plan calls for 1,000 minutes per month, you can upgrade to “unlimited” with the only change being your monthly fee.

RingCentral is similar to Nextiva in regards to the services they offer. The services they offer are a fully featured business VoIP phone system including voicemail, call forwarding, and choice of an auto-attendant.
RingCentral offers choice of toll free numbers, connecting multiple locations of your office, integrating mobile or remote employees, and free customer support which are very similar to the Nextiva business VoIP system.

One advantage both companies offer is no set-up fees. This can be very beneficial to a cash-strapped start up business to keep their initial costs to a minimum. This also helps avoid potential financial difficulties before the company can generate revenue. Another advantage is neither company forces a customer to sign a contract. All payments are month to month and can be cancelled at any time.

There is a slight difference between the current monthly costs of the base plans offered. Ring Central offers its business business VoIP services for $19.99 per month while Nextiva is slightly higher at $21.95 per month. Both of these VoIP services are for the “unlimited” call plan however the price is per phone and not an overall price for phone service. When upgraded to the next highest service, both Ring Central and Nextiva services offer unlimited calling plans in the US.

Given the similarities of both small business VoIP services, it will come down to the reputation both companies have with customer service and the technical glitches that can affect VoIP systems over the more traditional phone line service. Since service can vary in different parts of the US, it is recommended that businesses check with references to get the full picture before selecting either Ring Central or Nextiva.

For those seeking to cut their costs, a business VoIP service can be a good way to save money and both companies provide solid, dependable VoIP services that can work with your business.

Nextiva VoIP Comparison