Nextiva Review

When it comes the Nextiva, you might want to know if it is for you or not. The review given is going to cover all of the aspects that Nextiva offers, and this includes in depth information on the VoIP phone systems that they offer. They offer other services as well that might be useful to your home, business, or home business.

Nextiva is a business communications company that is green and carbon free. They provide internet telephone services, and provide these services to businesses that might need it. They offer four different communication services that are hosted through the VoIP for business phone system, virtual phone service, online fax service, and SIP trunking. They provide your satisfaction guaranteed and they serve many large companies such as Target, IBM, Farmers Insurance, and Burger King.

The Nextiva business VoIP phone system service is extensible and provides services based on the amount of employees within the company. The package includes a wide range of features such as a local phone number for the user, a toll free number for the business, a virtual fax number directly to the business, virtual PBX system, professional greetings specifically designed for your business, US based customer support, unlimited calling through the United States, and even a discount per line if additional lines are needed. This service runs $34.95 per month for one line, and special deals are also offered for more lines, and other services.

The Nextiva vFax system is a fax service that is used through the internet or FoIP. It has many benefits that are different from the traditional fax machines that are used. It will never jam, run out of paper, or have a busy signal that can actually stop your fax from being sent. You can also send faxes through this service through cell phone, Microsoft Office, email, and through the online control panel that Nextiva provides to the customer. The three different plans that they provide are designed to accommodate the needs of one single user, a small business, or a business pro that want 500 to 3000 pages per month. Any additional pages that the user wants must be purchased for .03 per sheet. The cell phones that are compatible with the fax service include the Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, and Palms.

The call router that they provide is called Nextiva Connect and can help avoid missing calls when moving from one place to another during your day when traveling. Your customers will no longer receive busy signals, and will avoid all missed calls. All of the plans include call screening, voicemail, and dial by name directory services, web and mobile management, you can keep your old number or change to a new one, you can use a local or toll free number, and you can personalize your voice attendant to match your business. The plans come with the number of minutes that you choose. You can go with 100 minute plans, 500 minute plans, and even unlimited minute plans. The plans that have limited minutes such as 100 or 500, they run on average around .045 each minute.

The Nextiva SIP trunking services that are offered through Nextiva provide a session initiation protocol that allows the user to keep their current PBX and phone allowing the user to connect it to the VoIP service network that is generally less expensive than their other choice. You can add as many trunks as you need along the way, and have unlimited nationwide calling. International calling is very low cost compared to other service providers. When it comes to interoffice calls, with remote offices as well, these services are free. This also means that the company allows you to keep your old number or choose to get a new one if you would like.

Nextiva Review