Nextiva Fax Service

One very important service that most businesses need to have is the ability to fax information. This information can be anything, from invoices, to purchase orders, to copies of anything needed to be copied and sent. If a business is running virtual offices, as many businesses are doing these days to save on overhead costs, being able to fax anything from anywhere is extremely important. Nextiva’s fax service is a fantastic way to keep in contact using faxing capabilities. Here are some of the reasons that Nextiva fax service may be what your business needs in a faxing service provider.

Many businesses who operate virtual offices and employ people who work from their homes will need a flexible faxing service that allows everyone to fax information from their computers. Faxed documents can be sent via e-mail, or sent directly to faxing machines. Documents can be sent from faxing machines directly to e-mail, where documents can then be printed out and used. This is especially helpful for people who don’t own a fax machine but still need to receive faxes. It’s one more way you can operate a business from home and still have faxing capabilities, whether you need to keep in contact with your head office, or with other clients.

Nextiva’s faxing service also allows faxes to be sent via mobile phones. Mobile phones today are able to do almost everything a regular computer does, which allows flexibility and work to be done while someone is on the move. While large projects can’t be made and sent via fax over a phone, time sensitive documents or other information as such can be viewed, signed, and sent with Nextiva’s faxing capabilities with your mobile phone.

You don’t need a fax machine to use Nextiva’s faxing service. While you can send a fax from your computer to another fax machine, you don’t have to use one to start with. You can create a document on your computer as you would normally, and fax it to any other faxing machine anywhere. Conversely, you can receive these faxes from faxing machines, and view them in any word processor or viewer, from which you can manipulate and make changes, and send the fax back as if you pulled out of a fax machine yourself. The possibilities are endless, and using this faxing technology will help your business run a lot faster and easier.

There’s really no limit to what you can do with Nextiva faxing service. Nextiva offers excellent rates on their faxing service, which is specially tailored to small businesses that are looking to do a higher volume of faxing than a residential service would. Nextiva’s faxing service will save you money, time, and make your life a whole lot easier.

Nextiva Fax Service