Business VoIP Benefits

You may not realize it, but switching to a business VOIP system can benefit your business in many and extremely important ways. Some are more obvious than others, but each reason to switch will affect your business in an immediate and positive way. Here are some reasons to think about switching your VOIP system to a business VOIP service provider and how it will benefit your business.

Top Business VoIP Benefits

• The most important and obvious reason is that it’s cost effective. Nextiva can save your business up to 80% of what you’re paying on your current phone bill. How can Nextiva do this? The way small business VOIP works means you automatically get long distance calls for free or almost free, anywhere around the country. Instead of paying cents on the dollar for each minute you spend calling a neighboring state; with VOIP those state to state calls are free. Specifically with Nextiva, you can opt for their full service VOIP solution instead of one of the many available in-house PBX phone systems, which can save an office of ten people around $300.00/month (which includes all of your services and features). You’ll also get more flexibility with Nextiva’s service than you would traditional PBX service, and save money because you won’t need to buy and of the expensive equipment many other companies require you to buy. In many cases, you can even use your existing phones.

• Nextiva offers Business VOIP benefits and service that’s unparalleled in reliability. Since Nextiva services are “hosted”, this means that all of the software you need is located on secure servers at dedicated Nextiva data centers. Since all of the equipment is owned and operated from Nextiva headquarters, there’s no worry if something goes wrong. Nextiva is also set apart from most other VOIP companies because they’ve invested millions of dollars in data connections, termination providrs, and in redundant collocated switching platforms. Nextiva is also never going to resell services to consumers. There is no middle man to rely on, just one place.

• Flexibility is paramount here at Nextiva . As long as you have internet access, the control panel is available from any computer at your business. You are able to change extensions, set up voice mail, and forward lines with just a few clicks of your mouse. Also, if your business moves, you won’t have to worry about moving tons of bulky PBX equipment with you. There’s no down time, even if the power goes out. You can opt to have calls routed automatically to any mobile phone or other phone anywhere you want in case of an emergency.

• Nextiva is always professional. We know that how you receive your incoming calls reflects directly on your business. We offer professional call prompt services with automated attendants, professional voicemail systems, and other features that will give your communications solution the edge it deserves.

Business VoIP Benefits by Nextiva

The choice to switch to Nextiva for your Business VOIP Benefits from your new phone system is almost a no-brainer. We offer unparalleled service and products that are tailored for the small business. Our costs are competitive and we offer reliable service. There’s really no one reason to switch, but many!

Business VoIP Benefits