Auto Attendant From Nextiva

Auto Attendant for the Customer’s Benefit

Conveying prompt customer service with professional standards means increasing your overall effectiveness when answering each call for your business. Everything begins by having an auto attendant that can effectively meet the customer needs quickly and efficiently while relaying the necessary information.

The auto attendant is designed to greet all of your customers quickly and relate the right information to get them where they need to go. At Nextiva, the auto attendant feature is crafted to make prompt pick ups of incoming calls after the first ring and covey a simple, yet effective professional business greeting. These greeting are recorded by trained professionals that gives your business added support of being with your customers for the long haul.

While some may argue that answering the phone personally is better, most small businesses cannot afford to carry enough receptionists to answer the phone on the first ring. If your business is one of those that get a lot of calls, then having an auto attendant means that your customers can quickly get to the department they want quickly all while being informed of what your business does. This is certainly a better option than having customers wait through four, five or more rings before the phone is answered or they hang up.

Auto Attendant for the Business’ Benefit

The primary purpose of the auto attendant is more subtle in nature than just responding to a call, it is to convey a professional attitude that hints to your clients and customers that your business is here to stay. A professional greeting that is well read and properly delivered relays to your customers the idea that your business is spending the time and effort needed to meet their needs. A sloppy, amateur greeting often elicits a less than trustworthy response to your clients, as if your business cannot be bothered with the little details and thus, you do not put their needs first. Perhaps the off-hand, poorly delivered greeting will not affect your regular clients but new callers will certainly not be impressed.

Presenting effective advertising to your customers can also be done with the auto attendant, usually in the same sentence as the initial greeting. For example, if your business primarily sells paper, but also sells office supplies a standard greeting that your customers receive from the auto attendant may sound something like this;

“Thank you for calling the John Doe Company, a leading provider of paper and office supplies.”

This short, but effective greeting lets your customers know who you are and what you sell all in one sentence. This can be useful for pushing other products that many of your new customers may not know you have, such as in this example office supplies. This is a subtle, but effective way of advertising to your customers a new service or product that they can also purchase. Of course, you still want to keep the greeting to one sentence, but even in that short amount of time additional selling can be done.

All in all, having an auto attendant will answer all of your calls, direct customers to the right location and provide valuable information as well.

Auto Attendant